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 Topic: Components

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PostSubject: Topic: Components   Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Topic: Components   Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:43 pm


Harmonizing tube components!

The AAB series of cones and bells are fascinating to listen to under tube electronics. The sense of air is redefined as clean and more full (less distorted). It would be hard to pick out a favorite as all of them gravitate toward different tube attributes. The "R" give a full relaxed sound and expand as you go from AAB1X1R to the AAB1X1SBR, and then extremely open with the AAB1X1SBSR. The Pointed cones sound more direct and analytical. If you love trading tubes your going to love it even more with the AAB series as they take the sound of tubes to a whole new level.

Tube gear is said the be the sweetest sounding of all high end audio electronics, but one of the down falls is an apparent rolled off high and bass. This is do to the fatness of the harmonics in the mid-range. The AAB series does away with this problem as the Audio Alloy has a more board frequency range than other audio materials. There is more balance between the 2nd, 4th and up in the harmonic scale which is vital for a full spectrum of musical information.

Special note to tube lovers: be very careful not to set your tube gear too close to metal, glass, or stone shelving. Your tubes will pick up harmonic distortion off of these types of materials. Tubes need a long dissipation rate to achieve their correct tonal balance and because of their physical make up need wood and open air to develop a balanced resonant field. We will be happy to help you find the correct balance for your components.

Digital Components.

This is the most understudied topic in audio, as far as vibration goes. Your digital components are far more subject to instabilities than you could even imagine. Chips are highly vulnerable to over shielding, over dampening and under tuning. We have been stunned quite frankly at how tunable digital gear really is. Because they are usually far lighter weight than the typical audio component the resonant factor is much better than that of heavier components. Once tuned it's shocking how musical these new age audio components can be. We recommend before you over build your DAC or other components listen to what it can do in-tune. With these units the line between out of tune and in-tune is a fine one. If you mechanically ground them old school with weight or typical cones or pods you will find yourself listening to noise. You will probably blame it on jitter without realizing that it is a mechanical problem. Jitter is a vibration problem at all and any roots. If it has energy it has vibration. http://tuneland.forumotion.com/t79-vibratory-code#1167

The AAB series will allow you to find the vibrational combination to your digital components and restore your clock's performance to it's maximum potential. They will also align the surrounding parts to mechanically drain properly eliminating some field interference. The results are a warmer presentation, increased volume, and bigger stage.
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Topic: Components
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