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 still sounds great

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PostSubject: still sounds great   Tue Oct 23, 2012 9:48 am


Thanks for signing me in. Nice talking to you after all these years. The tuning system is still the envy of the group. When I visit the club or stores they don't want me to talk much. Throws off their audiophile mojo I think, but they still can't wait to get to hear my place. If your ideas were more excepted (past the acoustics) you would have everyone owning the tuning system, but there are so many who can't break away from their beliefs even after they hear it. I don't go to the society get together that much any more it's boring and as you say "stuck". Still a lot of the old gang come to my place and say hi. We miss the Symphony field trips. Those were the days! I don't think they have ever got the sound right since you left Suspect .

Well nice to find you. Keep the faith Bro.

Remember the system showdowns? They still talk about you killing the other guys.
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Michael Green
Michael Green

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PostSubject: Re: still sounds great   Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:27 am

Hi "G"

Good to see you. It would be great to have an Atlanta reunion some day, but lets have it in Vegas Very Happy . I was just talking to someone from Atlanta the other day who was telling me their dad use to visit MG Audio and he (about 5 then) came along and I told him to stop poking speakers or he had to stay outside Laughing . His name didn't ring a bell but if I saw his dad or an early picture of him I would know. We had those little speaker poking faces memorized didn't we Laughing .

Boy, a lot of memories come back when I see the Beard amp. I had a few products like that, where I was carrying them and Harry (TAS) would write a review and all of a sudden people wanted to come over and hear it. I think you got yours before the review if I remember correctly.


One of the things I use to really enjoy was bringing in new lines, before they started to head south sound wise. There were a whole bunch of 80's models that were simply built and I think this was the height of High Ends good sounding stuff. I think what happened is all of these guys were in their prime and still listening while they designed. Then some how they must have gotten off their game. I knew a few of these stories personally and saw how hobby/listener/designers went from building for sound to building for the magazine masses. I won't but I could name 50 companies off the top of my head that I saw go through this. It was sad cause I pleaded with a few of the companies after they made their switch to build me the old models and not the new, but the response I got was "Numbers". Now I bet a lot of those guys wish they would have fought for sound over mass producing tricks and looks.

Oh well, I'm happy as long as there are a few products like the receiver and CD player I use that slip through the cracks.

michael green
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Email mgtune@yahoo.com
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still sounds great
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