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PostSubject: About Michael   Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:48 pm


Had a great listening session last night and this morning. The 3400 is really opening up and it has made it easy to find more hidden treasures acoustically at my place. With my acoustical space being so open every little thing sticks out like a major event (I love it). I have to watch when I move dishes around or any little movement. Keep in mind I have up a tuning wall and there is the hall, dining area and kitchen behind me the way I have everything setup right now. This morning I was making frames for my PZCs out of redwood. I got into it and took off my shirt cause the dust was flying out in the work area. I laid the shirt on top of 2 areoplanes that I had configured roughly in the dining area. Well, I came in to have a listening break and the bass response had increased dramatically. I search all over my place to see what was up. Did I move something or did the system break in with the latest changes or what? Finally (thinking I'll figure it out later) I decided to go do something outside, put my shirt on, went out and did my thing. I came back in for another jam, and the bass was back to so so. Of course I started laughing as I ended up making a little areoplane/tunestrip combo where I had my shirt laying over the planes. If you guys saw my dining room now you would say "what? this isn't in the manual . Oh I have to laugh at the cookie cutter world.

After all these years tuning fascinates me as much as it did when I first found the magic. Every inch of every part of ours systems is a ton of energy waiting to be tuned in.
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