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 bringing back the warmth

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Michael Green
Michael Green

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PostSubject: bringing back the warmth   Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:17 am

There's a major change taking place among the listening community. If you haven't noticed yet don't worry you will.


Now I want to say that these guys and gals have not heard a tuned system (well maybe some have), and they are driving around in a car and listening to headphones. However here's the underlined point I wish to make. Listeners to music are swinging back to warm music again.

For years high end audio presented music in a way that wasn't appealing to the average listener. They called it detail, but it was really "squeezed" sound staging. Now that the musicains themselves are speaking up the rest of the world can look for the truth in the music and go after delevoping methods of displaying the music in a more "real to life" way.

It's not all about 192, but it is about somebody is talking now about the future of music instead of the past. If this means CD takes a technical hit, so be it, but for me it means the playback system is the next to be looked at once Pono and others hit the performance wall, and it/they will. Personally I believe digital is just at it's beginnings, a baby.

There is and always will be two sides to the coin. One will be the source and the other will be the playback. I think it's great to see people wow-ed by the attention given to the source, and someday when they realize the source needs to be tuned to the playback, the bigest relolution in audio will take place. In the meantime it will be fun to watch the new come in and the old retired. Retired I say, but not forgotten. There will always be the niche markets.

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bringing back the warmth
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