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 MGA Tuning Blocks

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PostSubject: MGA Tuning Blocks   Thu Jun 04, 2015 6:34 am

It's true, we take a different approach to your audio system and don't believe in killing the vibrations. Think about it, if your killing the vibrations your killing part of the audio signal.

Audio signal, is Vibration!

AUDIO: acoustic, mechanical, and electrical frequencies corresponding to audible sound waves

The "Vibratory Code" is a natural participant within the laws of physics.

Tuning in your harmonic structures, will allow the fundamental frequencies the stability they need to create realistic timbre, resulting in on-pitch musical notes. When in-tune your soundstage will fill (no holes) and become closer to the real size real space of the actual recording.

Some of the most advanced audio systems in the world use MGA Tuning Blocks as their choice for musical voicing.


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MGA Tuning Blocks
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