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 Systems in Ecuador

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PostSubject: Systems in Ecuador   Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:17 pm

A view of Drewster's systems in Ecuador

Well, it's been a year since my last post. I've been living in Ecuador for over nine months without a music system. My father just arrived from the states for a visit with two lockers full of stuff I requested he bring that I can't get here, including a music system consisting of the MiniMod speakers and a Teac NP-H750 WiFi-capable amplifier/dac.  cheers  cheers

I got it set up very quickly and it's sounding awesome just with the speakers and amp sitting on my little table! I am amazed at how good the speakers sound having not even had a minute of break-in time. Shocked Cool Very wide and tall soundstage and just a natural musical effortless sound. And that's using my iPod directly via USB into the Teac, or with Airplay using iTunes on my computer over wi-fi.

Then I added in the tuning board from Michael and some new cones from Harold and that provided an even more relaxed and full sound. And of course neither the amp nor speakers have even begun to break in yet. I'll let the break-in continue for a while before I do any tuning of the amp. Though I may add some RoomTune Squares to the room in the meantime.

I had never heard the MiniMods before and really did not expect them to sound so good "out of the box." So I'm pretty psyched how good this simple system will sound once the amp and speakers get some break-in, the amp receives some basic tuning, and I get some stands built for the speakers and can position them properly. sunny


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Systems in Ecuador
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