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 Soundstage and image 'Gotsouldr's System'

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PostSubject: Soundstage and image 'Gotsouldr's System'   Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:23 am

cheers Arrow looking to improve my soundstage and image.listen to tori Amos,shara  McLachlan and classic rock.using stacked dahlquist do-10's.
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PostSubject: Re: Soundstage and image 'Gotsouldr's System'   Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:58 am

Welcome to the Tune Gotsouldr!

This is the place for soundstage and imaging.

I am sure you and the rest of us are in for a learning adventure once the pictures of your system are up.

Perhaps, a description of what your systems sounds like to you, what you like about it and what you would like to improve might be a good way to start the dialog.

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Michael Green
Michael Green

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PostSubject: Re: Soundstage and image 'Gotsouldr's System'   Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:24 pm

Hi Gotsouldr

Welcome to TUNELAND Exclamation

Really looking forward to listening to some DQ 10's again (through your ears). I've owned a few pair of this classic, and was even a Dahlquist dealer many moons ago. A pair just came up for sale here locally and I wish I had just a couple more listening rooms to maybe setup some DQ-10's and some Quads maybe even some old K-horns. Love playing with classics when I have time.


michael green
PH 702 762 3245
Email mgtune@yahoo.com
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PostSubject: Re: Soundstage and image 'Gotsouldr's System'   Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:53 am

Hi Gotsouldr

How about sending some pix of your room and system to Michael to load onto this thread and we can get cookin'?

Sonic remembers the Dahlquist DQ-10s from a system I heard around 1990 where Sonic recalls they gave a big rendering of the sounding and were musical.

Since then I have read on various websites about the DQ-10s -- some classing them as good as the Quad ESLs though with an abillity to render depth, while other writers calling them very coloured.

Here is something from Stereophile during the time of J Gordon Holt:

"The Dalhquist DQ-10 loudspeaker has not as yet been formally submitted for review. (The designer tells us he is still working on the low end.) We auditioned a pair at the one local dealer we could find who had the DQ-10s on demo, and were immensely impressed. Obviously, Jon Dahlquist is on to something that other speaker designers have been overlooking, for, despite the multiplicity of driver speakers in the system, the DQ-10 sounds like one big speaker. There is no awareness of crossovers or separate drivers (except at the low end, about which more subsequently), and the overall sound has a degree of focus and coherence that is surpassed only by the Quad full-range electrostatic, which don't go as low at the bottom or as far out at the top.

Any criticisms? Mainly about the low end which, although well-balanced with the rest of the range, seemed somehow unrelated to it. Bass was a bit loose and flabby—which the upper range was not. The designer is acutely aware of this, and has been working to improve the bottom—here we go again!—which is why, we are told, we have not yet received our own samples for testing. Even as it stands now, though, the Dahlquist DQ-10 is near the very top in its price class, and is stiff competition for the no-holds-barred (and cost-no-object) Class A "Recommended" speaker systems.

In our opinion, the Quad still does a tiny bit better what the Dahlquist does extremely well, but the Quad is a very difficult load for many amplifiers, and won't put out anywhere near the sheer volume of of the Dahiquist. A tough choice."

Read more at:
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PostSubject: Re: Soundstage and image 'Gotsouldr's System'   

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Soundstage and image 'Gotsouldr's System'
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