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 Welcome to Sonic Audiophile Review

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PostSubject: Welcome to Sonic Audiophile Review   Wed May 30, 2018 3:12 am

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Sonic Voyager

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Sonic Audiophile Review   Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:03 pm

Greetings Michael and Tunees cheers

In an earlier form of existence Sonic was “beavering” away with tuning the acoustics of my room primarily using products from Michael Green. When I first took residence in this dwelling, the sound in this listening room called for treatment and I started with the usual absorptive stuff – which robbed the music of life. The objective with the Tune was to employ a method that removed the signature of the concrete surfaces without damping the life out of the sound in the room. This has been done.

Sonic now has a room that is controlled – though I have learnt that the degree of control (Boo! test and “honks”) varies with room humidity, and at lower humidity levels (<55%), the control is extremely good Very Happy

With that done, Sonic starts a voyage of hearing music of various sources and types. And the exploration of interesting corners of our audio pastime.

Sonic Voyager

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Sonic Audiophile Review   Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:30 pm

Hello Mr Sonic

I'm looking forward to your articles. Have you ever owned Michael's speakers or have you reviewed them?

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Sonic Voyager

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Sonic Audiophile Review   Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:25 am

Welcome to Tuneland, wondersound Exclamation

Nice to have you here Very Happy

Do also have a look at the stuff written by one Sonic Beaver -- this was material from an earlier existence of mine when I was wrestling with what was once an intractable problem with my listening room. That's the record of 10 years of learning the Tune by Sonic, who now can take a voyage through music and audio Cool

As to your question about Michael's speakers: I haven't heard them. By the time Sonic got alert to, and started learning the Tune, the store in my town that once represented Michael's products no longer sold RoomTune gear and speakers.

From reading the posts of other Tunees who own Michael's floor-standing speakers, they are unbelievably good.

Michael also once said of his small Rev 6 mini-monitors that in a test at the London Symphony (or was it Abbey Road Studios?) those little speakers went down strong into the 30hz range!


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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Sonic Audiophile Review   

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Welcome to Sonic Audiophile Review
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