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 Tuning Your Doors and Window Blinds

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Sonic Voyager

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PostSubject: Tuning Your Doors and Window Blinds   Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:15 am

Tuning Your Doors and Window Blinds

Sonic has found that in my system, the room acoustics sound better when the double doors (on the two sides of my listening sofa) connect to the door frames only by their hinges and pins, with the pairs contacting each other by just the locks.

I recently tried shimming the doors to their frames using thin pieces of Magic Wood from Michael to improve the contact and mechanical grounding. The result, as settling progressed, was a hardening of the sound and an upward shift in tone.  When the doors were “suspended freely”, the sound was deep and woody-warm.

If Zonees want to see an earlier attempt at tuning my doors, go to my post of June 18, 2017 here:

As always, Zonees should keep in mind that no two rooms/systems are the same and YOUR doors might give you the best Tone when shimmed and fully coupled.  For those who wish to try shimming their doors, Michael has such a product of cedar wood.

Sonic also discovered that the angle your window blinds are set to affects the sound.  Here is what I have:

See the angling of the individual blinds.  They angled down in the direction of the floor.  With many blinds, you can change the angle and have them angled upwards.  I tried this and an “up” angle gives an attractive tone where there is a stronger sense of Pace, Rhythm and Timing. The difference was quickly noticeable and Sonic is now going to test which works better long term.

Give it a try and listen….

Michael – comments?


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Sonic Voyager

Posts : 118
Join date : 2018-05-25

PostSubject: Re: Tuning Your Doors and Window Blinds   Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:06 am

With the slats angled upwards, the midrange has taken on more beauty and the harmonics are denser  Very Happy   This is presented with a neutrality that is distinct from the Technicolor sound associated with Single Ended Triode amplifier-based systems.  

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Tuning Your Doors and Window Blinds
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