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 Japanese Audio via M. Jean Hiraga

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Sonic Voyager

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PostSubject: Japanese Audio via M. Jean Hiraga   Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:48 am


Sonic thinks that Jean Hiraga needs more credit as a pivotal figure in the world of audio – it is he who brought the discoveries of the Japanese audiophiles to the attention of audiophiles in the West, making these views, once esoteric, now mainstream worldwide.

In this series, Sonic draws on things Hiraga-san has presented at various European Triode Festivals and other events he has been part of.  Here is Jean Hiraga at the 2018 Lenco Heaven Meeting in Belgium and he is still going strong.

In this thread, Sonic will be quoting (and sometimes commenting on) texts of his presentations, lectures or quotations.  I will mostly be posting selected material from Jean Hiraga mostly verbatim, so some things might appear to be disjointed with odd grammar.  The pictures, where included, are not all from Hiraga, some have been pulled from other sources by Sonic for illustration (but see the picture credits).  

This man is a genius, a visionary and he has amazing audio stuff. Let’s start!

Next challenge? : recording the impossible

Titanium sticks sound.  These sticks were made in limited series. Only 40 pairs of them were made and sold confidentially, around 2002, by Sony, microphone division.

Few months later sale of these special sticks was definitely stopped, because this was as a kind products destroying Sony reputation, specially face to latest microphones versions.

Sony hardened titanium stick. Sticks length is around 28 cm.

Only one man in Japan was able to make such titanium stocks with old swords knowledge.

Metal as molded to form the heart a each stick.  Outside part of each sticks, added later, as hardened after long hammer work, just like old Japanese swords. Steel versions <<Myochin>> are famous and sold to tourists. Outside hardened titanium version sounded totally different.

Source: from PicClick for illustration, these are not the Sony sticks

Only one antique Japanese sword maker living near Himeji Castle was able to make such sticks. He died last year, in august 2012.

When these sticks are suspended vertically and when they touch together, high frequency clear sounds <<Ting>> sounds are mixed with low and intense lower frequencies beats intermodulation sound like “vvvvv”, with amplitude vibration and frequency changing at each millimeter along each stick.

When these sticks sound was optimized, Sony staff, microphone research department, considered as the most difficult acoustic sound, totally impossible to record, even with the help of best digital devices.

This last remark remains true, even with the use of latest Sony DSD recorder PCM-D100 (DSD, 24 bits/192 khz recorder)

Source: B&H

Sony PCM-D100 DSD  / 24/192 ultra compact recorder (launched in Japan market in October 2013).

Sonic remarks: This text is extracted from a talk by J Hiraga in 2013 at the European Triode Festival.
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Sonic Voyager

Posts : 35
Join date : 2018-05-25

PostSubject: Re: Japanese Audio via M. Jean Hiraga   Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:48 am

From M. Jean Hiraga:

Encountering key Japanese audiophiles, in 60’s and 70’s

Isamu ASANO – was one of the pioneer in this domain. He started to experiment triodes for audiophile use around 1955.

Katsutaro ANZAI – RF tubes specialist, designer of first SRPP circuit for audio use.

Seiro SHINAGAWA – the most important phonograph and SP disc collector in Japan. He is still active in this domain.
[Sonic adds: at the time in 2013 when Hiraga delivered the talk].

Tadaattsu ATARASHI – he was the first in Japan to design a triode amplifier using 845 (1971).

[Sonic adds that Atarashi-san was a senior management of Philips Classics Productions (Record Label) in Japan is a luminary of Tube Kingdom Magazine].  

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Japanese Audio via M. Jean Hiraga
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