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 Near-Wall Placement FAQs

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PostSubject: Near-Wall Placement FAQs   Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:48 am

Hi fellow Zonees

Hear are some Near-Wall Loudspeaker Placement FAQs. Hope you find them useful.

What loudspeakers will not work in Near-Wall Placement?

The obvious ones are dipoles like Quads, Magneplanars, Martin Logans, ETs, actually any speaker with a deliberate signal coming off the back. This will also include speakers that have a rear mounted tweeters or other drivers firing backwards for “air”. For those speakers who have the woofer port or slot in the back, it might be OK but give it a try and see what happens.

Other than dipoles and bipoles, Near-Wall works for pretty much everything else. Size is not important – I have heard a pair of large JBLs with 15” woofers and huge cabinets work very well against the wall. It was a small room and there was barely 4 ft between the cabinets.

How far apart should my speakers be?

This depends to some extent how far you are from them. Start with the speakers really close to each other with no toe-in, play a mono signal. Your image should be small and sharply focused. Now move the speakers apart gradually, and get to the point where the image gets fuzzy. Move the speakers closer a bit to get the focus back and there you are.

Alternatively, at the first hint of the focus going, toe in the speakers by an inch or so. That should be it. If your speakers still stay focused way out, then set them to be at the edge of your vision from your listening chair. This means a subtended angle of 60 to 90 degrees.

One of my speakers is almost in a corner, what should I do?

Try to keep your speakers symmetrical. Stay about 3 ft from a corner at least. If you can’t do this, Michael has products like the TuneStrips and Floor Standing- DecoTunes that can reduce the effect of the corner. OTOH, build a “corner” on the other side with Floor Standing DecoTunes or the FS-Pressure Zone Controller.

In Sonic’s experience, I won’t automatically assume boomy bass is caused by corner or placement near a wall. That is conventional “straight-line” audiophile thinking. A boomy slow bass could as likely be due to be a blockage somewhere in the system or a lack of efficiency in the system-room synergy – often in places we least expect.

My room layout absolutely prevents me from sitting within 2 ft of the wall. What do I do?

Two or three FS-Pressure Zone Controllers from Michael will work very well to give you a virtual wall behind you. He also has a device called a SoundStage. FS-DecoTunes may work too if your listening seat is low.

If you got a solid wood Chinese folding screen, that might work too although the wood type and finish will determine the sound.

How good is Near-Wall compared to Sonic’s set up with the speakers half-way down the length of your room? How about X-treme nearfield?

Near-Wall can give you an impressively good soundstage when your ears are in a pressure zone on the other side. It is also easier IMO to get a basic and attractive beyond-the-loudspeakers, wall-to-wall soundstage with Near-Wall.

OTOH, when done right and with a dedicated tuning effort, the set up with speakers down the room will throw a much larger soundstage with images that are near holographic and have that breath of life in the musick. It is harder to get an out of room soundstage and images when you have a large space forward of your room to tune like Sonic’s but when you get it right it can be… Shocked

Think of it this way too for those Zonees who like cars – how much horsepower can you tune from a 1 litre engine compared to a 2 litre engine? Which has more tuneable headroom? The Near-Wall is figuratively the 1 litre engine. X-treme nearfield, I haven’t heard but it could be a 3 litre V8.

With Near-Wall placement, what minimum tuning can I do to get a good sound then stop?

You may just need to deal with the upper corners of your room using Corner Tunes. If your room has a soffit or a moulding, EchoTunes or TuneSquares will do the trick.

Maybe two FS-DecoTunes to shape the soundstage and you’ll be happy. But look at the cables. There are lots of blockages in complex interconnects and loudspeaker cables.

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Michael Green

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PostSubject: Re: Near-Wall Placement FAQs   Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:51 am

Reading these thoughtful hints can get you off to a great start. Remember "your room is your speaker" and using it to your advantage is the making of great sound.

michael green
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Near-Wall Placement FAQs
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