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 My Stereo Setup

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PostSubject: My Stereo Setup   My Stereo Setup Icon_minitimeThu Aug 22, 2013 10:07 am

Hi TuneLand

I've been reading here for a while, all the way back to the archives, and have picked up lots of hints for my system. I'm one who has gone through the many audiophile choices to realize that this has little to do with sound and the tuning approach makes a lot more sense.

I want to say that at first I felt a little foolish trading my Audio Research in for an old Technics receiver but I found my way back to happiness and that's what it is about. My Avalon speakers are gone after years of not getting the music right and replaced with Rev 60's. Michael, are you making the 60's a new yet? I have heard the 60's face every speaker I have owned and my friends and there is nothing that comes close IMHO.

I am using the old style Deluxe Rack, but thinking I should be doing the Platforms. Going low profile again makes more sense. Over the years I have seen Michael's evolution and can see the wisdom in his designs and even design improvements. I can tell he listens and isn't another quick buck Chuck.

I should post pictures and maybe after I get a few more of the MGA products I will but my system now looks a little much like a prototype shop and so I'll wait.

Can hardly believe the big beautiful systems I have had over the years that sounded like crap only to come all the way back to simple.

Thanks Mr. Green

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Michael Green
Michael Green

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PostSubject: Re: My Stereo Setup   My Stereo Setup Icon_minitimeFri Aug 23, 2013 9:14 am

Hi Al

Welcome to TuneLand!

Your not alone Laughing  . As the hobby grows more and more listeners are seeing that High End Audio has taken a detour. This was bound to happen because you can't have a hobby about listening that leaves out the major part of the listening event and that is the signal path as a whole.

There are only so many cool looking chassis out there to be had before the industry has to take a serious look at how the sound is made and how we can create a listening evironment. I've been thumbing my environment bible for many years now and slowly I can see that the crowd is starting to turn from the cliff. This will still take time but for us who have found it we can enjoy the hobby in a much different way than those who have been stuck.

michael green
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My Stereo Setup
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