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PostSubject: Re: Stereophile forum   Stereophile forum - Page 6 Icon_minitimeFri Apr 01, 2016 8:15 pm

just wanted to put this somewhere for safe keeping

April 1, 2016 - 5:07pm (new)

"It's been a blast this last year tuning in some of your systems. To answer the common question on the RT products, instead of me promoting our pages let me point you to one of our dealers this time. Many of you use Music Direct as your source so here is our page there http://www.musicdirect.com/m-348-roomtunes.aspx

You can also go to The Cable Company's page on Acoustics https://www.thecableco.com/Catalog/Acoustic-Treatments and explore some of my designs as well as other acoustical approaches.

This needs updated badly Smile but here are some of our tuned systems to get ideas from https://tuneland.forumotion.com/t249-a-look-at-tunable-systems

As most of you know, I enjoy getting involved with as many private listeners as possible every year. For those getting started in tuning your room I recommend us going through your system and seeing how it is mating up with your rooms virtues before going too far into the compulsive buying mode (we all do it right). I (after looking at your room) usually point you to the upper corners of the room. For those new, see those triangular pillows up in many audiophile gallery pictures? Those are called the CornerTune https://tuneland.forumotion.com/t57-roomtune-acoustical-treatment . The CornerTune or other upper corner treatments are the most common starting place. Why? About 95% of audiophile rooms have upper corner loading taking place. How do you know? Walk up to any corner in your house, point your head into the corner and talk. Hear that loading? This in most cases (depending on room build) is the single biggest factor in what your music sounds like. Your room after all is your speaker. You can't separate your system from your acoustical space, they are one. If your in that room and the speakers are in that room, that room is what your hearing. Why? Our rooms are the biggest acoustical source. Let's make it even more simple. Look at the size of your speakers, now look at the size of your room. Your space is bigger than your speakers right? Both are acoustical machines, which one is bigger?

A lot of audiophiles try to put the speaker ahead of the room in the acoustical chain, but this really makes no sense. If your ears are in the room, and your speakers are in the room, look at the common denominator "in the room". There's not an in-room system on the planet that is minus the room. Even anechoic chambers all "sound" different. I doubt that many of you listen in an anechoic chamber anyway Smile . That would be a little silly.

So, go ahead and walk around your house and pay attention to the acoustical loading areas in your room and even your house. You'll notice while walking and talking that not only does every room sound different, but every room "feels" different. This is because (among other reasons) you are walking into different pressurized zones as you go from one place to the next. Having a hard time feeling this? Take a minute and walk in and out of your house. Go from inside to outside and back and you will hear and feel the pressure. You may not have paid attention before, but go ahead and experience how huge of a difference it is from one type of space to the next. Also while doing this pay attention to how your voice changes and chest feels when walking from inside to outside and back. Surprised? Notice that when you are outside you push your muscles more and when inside the whole room fills with energy usually without having to push at all. The less furniture the less it takes for you to be heard and the easier it is on your vocal muscles. The exact same thing happens with your stereo speakers. Too much furniture and the drivers have to push harder. The harder they push the less coherent they are. On the flip side, if you let the room run wild in most cases you will have conflicts between the pressure in the room and soundwaves.

This is way I have developed the system of room-tuning and why this forum calls this Room Tuning. Room tuning is exactly the right word for what we do as audiophiles with our rooms. Whether you stop at speaker placement or you go full control with something like our PZC's (Pressure Zone Controllers) the interaction between your speakers and your room and your ears is the whole acoustical ball game. Your not going to play ball without the field and your not going to have the best of sound without putting your acoustics in-tune.

So first step is to find the major loading (recommend looking at where the wall meets wall meets ceiling). And then we move on to the next placement.

michael green"


michael green
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