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 tuning highend

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Michael Green
Michael Green

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PostSubject: tuning highend   tuning highend Icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2014 9:18 pm

Hi Listeners

For the past 5 months besides what I'm doing here, I've also been writing on Stereophile forum. It's great of them to allow me and others share about the tune, and even though they have been behind the times I think some of them are starting to think about this hobby of theirs.

There comes a time where you either have to settle, give it up or take the next step. I'm looking more these days at that next step maybe actually happening. Can you imagine having a world that is about tuning in the system. A step beyond equipment trading even though that's fun at times for many.

The role we play in the wheel being turned is bigger than you think. Look through the galleries on these sites and it's pretty easy to see that the industry has been good at making showcase looking systems. Now take another look from more of a serious listening view and what do you see? I see systems that can't get out of the box that for some reason high end audio built. I'm not sure they (the reviewers) had much of a choice, cause magazines have to sell ads to eat. However I hope that the food chain is starting to change enough that more of the middle can be featured over the expensive boat anchors. I think of all the great designers out there that could build smoking hot sounding stuff if they didn't have to play the over built game. I hope some of them get a chance to cross over when the rule books are rewritten. I've certainly been doing all I can (I hope) to see this happen. To see a high end audio that should be is something that I think about all the time. I can envision all these cool low mass lines being made that the listener gets and takes out of the box and setup with tuning in mind instead of always having to tear things apart.

The products of the future are so cool in my minds eye. Rooms turned into mini concert halls and equipment just big enough to get the job done but not in the way. It's a far different landscape than what we have now but when it does happen there will be a certain coolness about it. An artistic value that will make the big equipment movement look like the "Victrola Era" , cool but out dated. Stream line products going back to the wood look, some, and others so out of the way that they are able to be put somewhere reserved for mechanical tuning devices. It can be every bit as exotic and more so as the rooms are more spot lighted than the components. The balance of look will finally be complete and the rooms will be made to look heavenly. Not like sticking a system in a room but more a room designed to host music. A true high end audio room. You take your shoes off and enter into your evening of music magic.

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that's high end  Wink

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tuning highend
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