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 RoomTune Squares

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Michael Green
Michael Green

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PostSubject: RoomTune Squares   RoomTune Squares Icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 9:09 pm

RoomTune Squares RTtt58

RT Squares will control the sound of your room without the ill effects of other acoustical methods. You don't want to kill the sound of the room with heavy drapes or dampened acoustical deadeners as this will leave the music lifeless and dull, missing vital parts of the recording. You also don't want to trap the sound leaving acoustical holes in the soundstage and dead spots. The best way to treat the room is to use a simple plan called "Room Tuning". RoomTune Squares are versatile acoustical treatment pillows that are made in 2 sizes to give you tons of flexibility when treating your room.

RoomTune Squares RTtt56

RoomTune Squares RTsq1

The RT Square "Room In A Box" is a popular place to get starter in acoustic treatment packages. RIB is a 10 piece set that takes care of the upper corners, mid-seam corners, front and one side wall. This will cover the basics and correct the listening environment dramatically.

RoomTune Squares RTtt61

When we listen to sound in our rooms we are listening to air pressure. Sound waves are not traveling in a straight line to our ears. There are 2 main parts to what the sound pressure (build up) is doing. One, pressure zones, the other, laminar flow. Once these 2 are under control by putting up the Squares the music will come to life.

RoomTune Squares RTtt62

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PostSubject: Re: RoomTune Squares   RoomTune Squares Icon_minitimeFri May 24, 2013 2:20 am

RoomTune Squares Tlp1

link to Music Direct


link to The Cable Company

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RoomTune Squares
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