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 where's Michael? where's the Tune?

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Michael Green
Michael Green

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where's Michael? where's the Tune? Empty
PostSubject: where's Michael? where's the Tune?   where's Michael? where's the Tune? Icon_minitimeWed Feb 14, 2018 1:09 am

Sonic sent me an email that I wanted to share so it answers questions I have been getting, among others.

Hi Michael

Is everything settling in at your new place?


Hi Sonic, no, but I am slowly catching my wind after this massive task.


Some observations/questions that you might want to write about in your thread -- do you have more space now?  Because it appears you have less listening space than before but more area for production.


Correct on both counts. My space now is tiny. And, if I could have picked up my bigger space and transplanted it in this location I would have. I very much enjoyed the Padre Bay space, and will miss it for a while. However, it was shortly after moving to Padre Bay that we found the woodshop (days really). So I was on one side of town, the woodshop on the total opposite side, and the airport (and strip) on the south side, while I was on the north. All the right spaces, just in the wrong placement relationship to each other.


This move is a step up/forward for you and the Tune business I trust!


Since the prototyping stage is done on many of the new products, and where we are at as far as this year's business structure & goals the Strip location (be it very small) will work out fine.


Are you ready to start posting pictures yet?


yep, still have some internet issues, but going to try this setup first before making changes


I have been putting up a lot of stuff, especially about my project to make my listening room less cluttered and more habitable. What do you think? Please comment and give guidance.


There are actually quite a few tuning projects going on right now, that I have started laying the foundation for, which will take me time to sort through and prioritize. Hopefully I will get caught up in the coming month. We should start seeing me here on TuneLand more, shortly.

thank you Sonic for your questions

michael green
PH 702 762 3245
Email mgtune@yahoo.com
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where's Michael? where's the Tune?
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