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 New ordering procedures

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Michael Green
Michael Green

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New ordering procedures Empty
PostSubject: New ordering procedures   New ordering procedures Icon_minitimeThu Feb 22, 2018 12:39 pm

Hello TuneLand Members & Visitors

Here's an update for you on consultations and ordering. We are changing Harold Cooper's position some what so to better meet the needs of those doing their systems. As you know I try hard to keep my prices down so you can spend more money on your music collections and less on the components that get you there. Not easy cause a lot of the orders are custom, and I also like to get in on the voicing myself personally.

This last year we've been trying to find a balanced work load for all the folks that help us and I think we're getting better, but we do run in to over working mode issues in a few areas. As you may or may not know Harold's position has been taking the orders, management, shows and production management. We're going to change this up a little bit. Harold will now be incharge of RT store orders and RT production. He will not be in the consulting department (unless he chooses to hang out) or direct sales department anymore.

We put this up on Facebook today.

New ordering procedures Aufb261

It's important to me that anyone doing the tune with me on the business side feels comfortable and stress free as much as possible. That's what being in-tune is all about. I appreciate and thank Coop for his work and dedication in helping me. Now it's time to take that next step in responsibility distribution.

So, for now we're going to send all direct orders and consultations to me directly till we get everyone up to speed. Shouldn't take too long.

you can either send me your emails to michael@michaelgreenaudio.com or mgtune@yahoo.com or even call me during this time but I prefer emails for now and give me a chance to call you back as I find time. We'll probably setup a new business phone as soon as it can ring in at the new order help person phone as soon as they get ready. Anyway it goes we'll make it so your paid attention to quicker and get you to the right place.

Thanks again for all of your orders and I'll keep you posted on how Coop is doing in his new role.

michael green
PH 702 762 3245
Email mgtune@yahoo.com
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New ordering procedures
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