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 My posting on Facebook about High End Audio

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Michael Green
Michael Green

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My posting on Facebook about High End Audio Empty
PostSubject: My posting on Facebook about High End Audio   My posting on Facebook about High End Audio Icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2018 10:21 pm

My posting on Facebook about High End Audio M1935

If you follow me on Facebook you will see lots of posts where I and others are setting the record straight and also reaching out to those who are in this hobby but are wanting more. Here I will give some of these posts as well I may even start threads of their own if it's something that can be or should be elaborated on. here we go

"Do you have any idea how many folks are in your shoes? They started off progressively making their way up the audiophile ladder hoping to land at a place of contentment. You and they are not so different in this climb. The message was preached for a couple of decades that you can buy your way to great sound through a method of plug & playing, but this method has failed miserably because playing back recordings require more than one fixed sound. High End Audio either doesn't know this themselves or are having a hard time trying to give a more advanced plan. This is more than likely because magazines make their money from selling ads. Stereo hobby magazines have always had to deal with that fine line of getting paid or even survival vs teaching. Look at it this way, there are only so many pages and those pages have to generate so much each to keep the doors open. If the hobby converts to a more advanced method beyond Plug & Play it's likely the magazines will fold. However here is the other problem. High End Audio's well is running dry. The Plug & Play discrete "one sound" components don't play a large enough selection of recordings and the guilt trips method of up selling no longer has traction. For a while the High End Audio played blame games (like recording dynamic ranges and compression), but these blames don't hold up in the court of playback. All these blames really did was prove to all of us that one recording may sound great on one fixed system and crappy on the next. The alternative to High End Audio's Plug & Play is Variable Tuning Systems. Variable Tuning is Tried, True and Tested. Now it's a matter of time to see if HIGH End Audio will either join the ranks or continue to fade into history. For those of you who want a place that you can call home while you tune we have TuneLand."

My posting on Facebook about High End Audio Aufb283

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My posting on Facebook about High End Audio
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