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 RIP Dave Wilson

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Michael Green
Michael Green

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PostSubject: RIP Dave Wilson   RIP Dave Wilson Icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2018 10:55 am

Thanks Ken for writing this!


RIP Dave Wilson M1939

First time I met Dave was a lunch at Sea Cliff with Frank Doris and Harry Pearson of TAS. I think I was maybe 30 years old. We were so young then. Dave was such a gentleman I recall. After eating we went back to Harry's, Dave in the back room then the IRS room and me in the other big room with the big Apogee speakers. I didn't even hear him come up behind me "sounds pretty good in here" Dave smiled "come with me". After I tuned up the Wilsons Dave got out a tape measure and measured every dimension. Then I went back to my room. The next couple months I was called to setup Wilsons and Goldmund speakers all over the place. Was a fun time.

Dave will be missed by so many like myself who barely knew him, but felt his presence was bigger than the world and will last in our minds forever. Those who knew him closely I'm sure feel the loss of an irreplaceable treasure. RIP and happiness Dave.

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RIP Dave Wilson
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