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 Wings "Wild Life"

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PostSubject: Wings "Wild Life"   Wings "Wild Life" Icon_minitimeFri Oct 19, 2018 6:07 pm

Wings "Wild Life" Aufb441

an amazon review

"I don't understand why this record has such a bum rap with people. I've seen people refer to it as 'experimental', 'unfinished', 'amateur'... nothing could be further from the case. There are a number of really great Macca songs on it, including 'Tomorrow', 'Some People', 'Dear Friend', and a fun cover, done in reggae style, of Mickey & Sylvia's 'Love Is Strange'. If there is a dud, it's the title track. I suspect the reason this record was (and is) panned is that (a) it's not a Beatles album, and (b) it's not a John Lennon album. If you are at all a fan of McCartney's early solo work (like Ram), Wild Life will not disappoint."

back to me

As Paul was a youngster when the Beatles started, "Wild Life" shows Paul's new born freshness as the solo artist. Some call this recording unpolished. Those listeners should visit my system Smile . The warmth and full stage surprises keep me entertained throughout the recording almost as much as the content, which I find total 70-ishly beautiful. I could run off and talk about other Wings masterpieces, but I don't think "Wild Life" needs propped up by any means. "Love is Strange" alone is worth the price of admission.

here we go (including bonus tracks)

1. Mumbo

2. Bip Bop

3. Love Is Strange

4. Wild Life

5. Some People Never Know

6. I Am Your Singer

7. Bip Bop Link

8. Tomorrow

9. Dear Friend

10. Mumbo Link

11. Give Ireland Back To The Irish

12. Mary Had A Little Lamb

13. Little Woman Love

14. Mama's Little Girl

In July 1971, with a fresh set of McCartney tunes, the newly formed Wings recorded the album in slightly more than a week with the mindset that it had to be instant and raw in order to capture the freshness and vitality of a live studio recording. Five of the eight songs were recorded in one take. Paul McCartney later cited the quick recording schedule of Bob Dylan as an inspiration for this. The first session was held at Abbey Road Studios on 25 July. McCartney was filmed playing "Bip Bop" and "Hey Diddle", around this time, which would later be included in the made-for-TV film, Wings Over the World.

The album was rehearsed at McCartney's recording studio in Scotland dubbed Rude Studio, which Paul and Linda had used to make demos of songs that would be used in the album, and recorded at Abbey Road with Tony Clark and Alan Parsons engineering. Paul can be heard saying "Take it, Tony" at the beginning of "Mumbo". Paul handled all of the lead vocals, sharing those duties with Linda on "I Am Your Singer" and "Some People Never Know". "Tomorrow" features background vocals from Denny Laine and Linda McCartney.

On the promotional album, "The Complete Audio Guide to the Alan Parsons Project", Alan Parsons discusses how he did a rough mix of "I Am Your Singer" that Paul liked so much, he used it for the final mix on the album.  wiki

Paul McCartney – lead vocals, bass guitar, guitar, piano, keyboards, percussion
Linda McCartney – co-lead vocals (3, 5, 6), keyboards, piano, percussion, backing vocals
Denny Laine – guitars, bass guitar, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals
Denny Seiwell – drums, percussion
Alan Parsons and Tony Clark – engineering
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Wings "Wild Life"
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