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 Room Dependent (Agon)

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Michael Green
Michael Green

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Room Dependent (Agon) Empty
PostSubject: Room Dependent (Agon)   Room Dependent (Agon) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2019 9:36 am


It's always interesting reading opinions about speakers on audiophile forums without the room being mentioned. The room is what we hear and as far as components go, the room and the speakers are one component. Giving an opinion on a speaker is a bit precarious without the room being presented. Also saying a speaker is good or bad makes little sense for the end user. Speakers almost always sound good to the maker in their own personal setup, but what happens to that speaker as it is moved to a different environment is reliance.

As the hobby continues to mature the distance between the experienced and limited experience and even no experience widens. I know for me those who have not applied practical application to this topic, or any audio topic as far as that goes, rank a zero. When it comes to Speakers/Room "you should have been there" and "you need to be there" is a must.

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Room Dependent (Agon)
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