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 Hihat Question (Agon)

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Michael Green
Michael Green

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Hihat Question (Agon) Empty
PostSubject: Hihat Question (Agon)   Hihat Question (Agon) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2019 9:51 am



Thanks in advance for your opinion-

My system is:

Anthem Integrated 225

Musical Fidelity Cd as Transport

Schiit Modi Multibit

Technics Sl 1200 mk2

Usher Cp6311

Morrow Cables

I like the system overall, plenty of bass, voices sound realistic, highs are not strident, etc.

As a drummer, I love to hear hihats, cymbals, etc. On some systems in the past I’ve heard more of this than through my setup. Most of these setups have been in the past on equipment I perceive is a lower grade than mine.

My question is:

Should I be hearing most every hihat strike, close? Is hearing these sounds consistently the sound of a revealing system or a ‘tipped up’ presentation that I would likely tire of?

Live music varies to me in this respect, and the music on my my system varies as well. Unfortunately, I’m not able to demo where I live, so I’m interested in your opinion. Fwiw- I hear all a lot more treble in my automobile, but could be due to the euphoric goal of the manufacturer. I’m in my late 50’s, so that may play a part-

On many jazz albums, it’s all there, others not so much.

My reply

Hi Uncledemp

The answer is Tunable Speakers, Tunable Room and Tunable System.



What I do is tune my systems (per recording if wanted) to bring out any particulars on the recording.

michael green
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Hihat Question (Agon)
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