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 Tuning with Floor-standing Deluxe RoomTunes

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PostSubject: Tuning with Floor-standing Deluxe RoomTunes    Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:54 am

Hi Zonees

Here is an idea of of how to tune the front of your listening room using FS-DRTs. These ideas are what Sonic found the FS-DRTs (and to some extent FS-PZCs) did in in my room and I thought they could be a useful starting point for Zonees.

A: this is the starting point -- the FS-DRTs should not be too far out from your front wall, place them about 8" to 2ft as a starting point and the panels abou1 ft apart at nbeaer edges.

B: Sonic has not found two FS-DRTs parallel to the front wall to work. I got a U-shaped soundstage with mid-images pushed back and reduced in size. Depth was artificial and exaggerated. I know Hiend1 and some Tunees used this to good effect but often, the FS-DRTs were at an angle to their front walls.

C: adjusting the toe-in angles affected the focus of the middle images. You'll find an angle where everything snaps into focus. FS-DRTs in this postion do not create soundstage width outside walls. You'll have to resort to other devices and steps from Tuneland to do this.

D: move the FS-DRTS this way to adjust the size of your middle image. Too much outward and you could get large middle room images but shrunken images to the sizes.

E: this setting can adjust the overall width of your soundstage. Notice that the reflective sides face each other.

F: this won't work....the idea of first-relections is an audiophile myth. Using the FS-DRTs like this is not going to do anything. The Tune works on pressure zones and to some extend reverb times. Trying to FS-DRTs them to fix first-reflections will achieve nothing and drive you to frustration.

OTH if you have dipole speakers like Sonic (Magneplanar 1.5QRs) or Bill333 (Quad ESL 57s), a pair of FS-DRTs at the front wall in the path of the rear wave of the dipoles can increase girth, stabilise your soundstage and contribute to soundstage size and width.

Remember to keep the reflective sides facing into the room (toward the listener). Most often when Michael's gear is turn with absortive side facing into the room, an odd "balck hole" effect is produced -- an uneven acoustic where the areas around the absorptive tune device is dead and the rest of the room live. Imagine something like this -- the whole room is evenly lit with light but the areas round the FS-DRTs, corner tunes or echotunes which are turned absortive side out turn dark.

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PostSubject: Sonic's Platform diagrams   Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:53 pm


Thanks for posting the floorstanding diagrams. Have you used three floorstanders, two like you show in the diagrams and one in front facing the listening position? I am finding that your B with a front facing floorstander evens out the soundstage depending on the placement of the front facing floorstander. You can push the center image to the front or back depending on placement. When placed nicely in my room, depth is not artificial and exaggerated. I am working on more surround with this arrangement.

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Michael Green

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PostSubject: Re: Tuning with Floor-standing Deluxe RoomTunes    Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:34 pm

here's one that Bill333 and Drewster are using right now also

michael green
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PostSubject: Re: Tuning with Floor-standing Deluxe RoomTunes    Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:45 am

Hi Michael

Actually Drewster and Bill333's set up with the third FS-DRT or PZC is a variant of A, C and D in my diagram.

B is when a pair of FS-DRTs are placed edge to edge (with no toe in) right up at the front wall. Didn't work for me. Some Tunees have removed the bases of their FS-DRTs and leaned the pair against the wall at angle and it worked for them but in each case over time I noticed from their threads they moved to the 3-piece set up described by Michael or a form of A.

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PostSubject: Re: Tuning with Floor-standing Deluxe RoomTunes    

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Tuning with Floor-standing Deluxe RoomTunes
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